Back once again!

With 4 hours of pure LIVE Robbie Rhytmo musica!

2 years ago I got so many great comments on my 6 hours Rhytmo Sessions mix, so I decided to make a follow-up, with this as a result. Hope you like it once again!
Share the passion and enjoy to the max!

I recorded this one on one of my first bookings after that damn 2 year stop of ‘you know why’. So let’s celebrate once again!

2021 in review

2021… what a year. Below is my video recap🎬🔥

It was 1 awesome party! Only 1, but hey, let’s hope for a better world in 2022. And then we can celebrate again life to the fullest!

Wishing you all a super great, festive, healthy and happy 2022! That’s what we’re going for 🍾🎶💃🏼🕺🏻🔥✨🥂🎉

2020 in review

It was a special, unforgettable year in many ways.
Although the circumstances, I still played 16 DJ gigs at 11 locations in The Netherlands and Belgium. Wishing you all already a happy and healthy 2021! Let’s hope for better times, but they will come!

The Club Beats anniversary tape

Just a few days after my latest mix, I present you a new live recorded house mixtape.

It’s the anniversary mix in my Club Beats series:
Club Beats número #10

I think this mix explains very good who I am as a DJ. Danceable house tracks with some good summer vibes is what you get. I hope you like it! Enjoy folks!

Listen now to Club Beats #9

1,5 year ago I posted my last club beats. The world changed heavily in these period. We’re facing major difficult circumstances. Spreading a little love and happiness with some new music is the least I can do now. So I’m presenting these days not one, but two new house mixtapes. This is the first one: Club Beats #9. Take care and enjoy!

Stay strong and keep up the good vibes

It are exceptional times. Social activities are almost not possible anymore, events are canceled, and we have to take care for each other more than ever.

For me as a DJ, logically wise, playing at events is unfortunately also not possible at the moment. The digital way gives us fortunately still opportunities to reach each other, so that we’re still able to enjoy also a little bit in these uncertain times.

It’s almost a year ago since I shared a mixtape with you. Especially now it’s a good moment to share some love again. I recorded this mix a few months ago at one of my club nights at Club Ultimate Dream. It’s a live mix of the complete evening. So that’s something completely new. But exceptional times, are good times to do also something exceptional for you. So enjoy these 6 hours of music. Stay strong and keep up the good vibes!