‘Shake That Booty’ Summer Vibez 2014 Mixtape Pack, out now!

Robbie Rhytmo presents you…
‘Shake That Booty’ Mixtape Pack 2014!

Including 1 moombahton and 2 latin house mixes. Enjoy the summer!

Upcoming… Shake That Booty mixtapes pack!

Elaborating further at my “‘Shake That Booty’  Summer Vibez 2012 Mix” I will present you in the next weeks two brand new 2014 follow-ups!:

‘Shake That Booty’ Summer Vibez 2014 Latin House Mix
‘Shake That Booty’ Summer Vibez 2014 Moombahton Mix

Keep an eye at my Soundcloud or Facebook page and know as one of the first when it’s online. Off course, besides listening you can also download when I release these booty shakers.

Club Beats #4

Here is my new Robbie Rhytmo live mixtape.
This one is a special edition in the Club Beats series. I prerecorded this mix to play it at a student house party last week. Since it had to cover a large amount of the night, I decided to make a long mix: 2h20. 50 tracks are included. Have a listen and enjoy the beats!

Get Lost XL #2 // Birthday mixtape

Upcoming Friday, July 12. it’s time for Get Lost XL #2 !
This house event takes place at Club Spotlight in Roermond.
I will play an exclusive DJ set from 20:00 till 21:00.

Line up for this evening:
Robbie Rhytmo // El Pico // Jägerstrike // Buskruit // Bumpin Ace // Lucky2Beats
For more info about this event, click here.

And… in case you missed it: here’s my new mixtape I made to celebrate my birthday.
It contains tracks in the genres moombahton, latin house, progressive house and electro house. Gives you also a nice hint of what to expect this Friday.

Upcoming: Fresh & Sjaensation

Fresh poster (Spotlight 19 april 2013)Sjaensation (20-4-2013)

My set times:
>>> Fresh 22:00 – 05:00u (ft. DJ Dani) <<<...>>> Sjaensation Indoor 22:30 – 23:30u <<<

NEW mixtapes online: Summer and Club

Here are some Robbie Rhytmo exclusives especially for you!
The new Club Beats #3 is launched from now on, and if that’s not good enough, also Summer Beats #3 comes already your way. Already off course for that sensational pre-summer 2013 feeling! I hope you like them.

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Hierboven vind je de nieuwste Robbie Rhytmo mixtapes, speciaal voor jou!
Vanaf heden vindt Club Beats #3 zijn lancering, en of dat nog niet goed genoeg is, komt ook Summer Beats #3 jouw kant op. Uiteraard alvast voor dat sensationele zomer 2013 gevoel! Geniet ervan.

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